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Discover a creative and colorful way to bond with your family or enjoy free time! Join the Creative Coloring Club for an exciting night of coloring fun.

Every one of our coloring pages for kids is inspired by our students. Unleash your inner artist! Our coloring pages bring out the Picasso in everyone, regardless of age. Our young students make imaginative suggestions that go right into our coloring pages! So, grab some crayons and let creativity take flight!

Explore a world of boundless color with us!

Every month, you'll discover special coloring pages and drawing tutorials only available here. Plus, join in the fun by voting on what we create next, or participate in our contests to show your true colors! So get ready for exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses into how art is made - let's paint this wonderful world together!

Not Your Standard Coloring Pages

THese are the cute Cat Videos of Coloring Pages

Coloring Isn't Just for Kids Anymore

Not when you join The Creative Coloring Club! Ignite your creative genius and take a break from the hustle of life with these one-of-a-kind unique coloring pages! This isn't the coloring book of your childhood; the Creative Coloring Club is the coloring book of the future!

Enjoy an immersive experience for mind, body, and soul as you unlock new realms of tranquil expression.

Each month, you'll find something unique and captivating to color. Inspiration for our printable coloring pages for girls and boys are the product of budding creativity from student artists who take our weekly drawing courses -imagination overload!

The story behind the coloring pages

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You can take part in scaling up your favorite creators' dreams by supporting them and following their groundbreaking projects.

From illustrators and teachers to musical composers - it's all here! Make your voice heard and become a valuable part of any creator's journey. By subscribing monthly, you can gain exclusive access to unique content or special behind-the-scenes insights - all while having the ability to join or cancel anytime!

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Not just for traditional crayons but the perfect starting point for Cricut projects, watercolor outlines, clipart, svgs, card making, and scrapbooking.

Get inspired by exploring art journaling and junk journaling possibilities - anything's possible when it comes to paper crafting with your hot off-the-press adult coloring pages from The Creative Coloring Club.

Plus, due to the varying levels of details available on the hundreds of pages you'll find images perfect for toddler or preschool coloring pages, cute coloring pages like cats and dogs, scary and cool dragons and dinosaurs, magical unicorns and mermaids, there is something guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face.

The Creative Coloring Club isn't Just Coloring Pages Either!!

We're more than just a coloring club. We're a place where kids create!

The Creative Coloring Club is a division of Studio CIA. Studio CIA provides Creativity, Imagination and Art Classes for School Aged Kids.

We have a passion for keeping kids creative, happy and healthy through the arts. You will not find any paint this color here or make your picture look like this in our classes.

Instead, we encourage and empower kids to use their own unique style and imagination to create their masterpiece. Kids thrive in this type of environment as all other school subjects and much of life is about doing things in just such a way, leaving little opportunity for self-connection or self-expression. At Studio CIA Kids embrace their inner artist through imaginative exploration. These coloring pages come from that creativity and imagination.

Plus, as an added bonus for supporting us on Patreon, multiple membership tiers receive drawing tutorials from our courses.

Learn to draw and create your very own coloring pages!

To check out all Studio CIA Classes visit our class hub here.

"This class was excellent! Ms. Niki was wonderful, and my daughter loved her. She was so patient and kind with my daughter.

The art she made was really amazing. Each day they did something fun and interesting, and I feel like my daughter learned a lot about journaling her artwork.

We will be signing up for more of Ms. Niki's classes!"

Bonnie Polanco

These Coloring Pages aren't Just for Coloring!!

With over 300 pages of hand-drawn animals, landscapes, art styles, and seasonal images, our coloring pages make crafting and scrapbooking an absolute breeze. Each picture comes alive with vivid colors for you to explore - a perfect activity that allows children and adults alike to relax through creativity!

Plus, new monthly additions keep the fun coming, so boredom will never be an issue.

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Finished bookmarks made from coloring pages
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